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libnfc provides the following features for easy NFC application development:

  • Complete coverage of low-level PN53x chipset commands
  • Written in pure and plain C for portability and speed
  • Easy to use programmers API for simple and advanced features
  • Released under the open source GNU Lesser General Public License‎
  • Compatible with very cheap but advanced NFC hardware devices
  • Compiles “out of the box” on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows
  • Does not require any knowledge of RFID 13.56mhz modulation
  • Supports ISO14443-A/B, ISO18092 (p2p) and JIS X 6319-4 modulation
  • Implements NXP MIFARE Classic and Sony FeliCa protocol
  • Can transform your NFC device into a initiator (reader) or target (tag)
  • Allows complete control of the transmitted data frames
  • Accepts transmission of incorrect or empty CRC information
  • Provides a way to send arbitrary and incorrect parity bits
  • Supports sending of incomplete byte-frames (e.g. 4 bits error message)
  • Allows configuration of advanced chip registers and modulation settings
  • Very useful for performing research on hardware and protocol level
  • Easy start-up example applications/tools for a quick start
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